The Gould’s NPE series end suction centrifugal pump has  complete AISI 316L stainless steel liquid handling components  and mounting bracket for corrosion resistance. The pump is capable of pumping up to 150 GPM at 3500 RPM and 75 GPM at 1750 RPM with working pressure to 125 PSIG and heads to 150 FT at 3500 RPM and 39 FT at 1750 RPM.

The NPE pump has a High Efficiency Impeller. The enclosed impeller has a unique floating seal ring that maintains maximum efficiencies and eliminate adjustments over the life of the pump.

Temperature range – 212 degree F with standard seal and maximum temperature to 250 degree F with high temperature seal.

Viton elastomers for chemical duty seals are also available.

Pump Capacity

Water circulation
Booster service
Liquid transfer
Spray system
Washing/cleaning systems
Injection molding cooling
Reverse osmosis
Air scrubbers
Heat exchangers
Filtration systems Jockey pumps
OEM applications
General water services

Additional Specifications

ANSI Flanged and NPT connections.

316L Stainless steel enclosed impeller

Optional seal flush

Standard John Crane mechanical seals with high temperature and chemical duty options

Close coupled, Frame mounted or engine drive configuration

1 x 1-1/4 – 5 through 8 x 10 – 13 sizes

NPE Manual