Demersible chopper pumps designed to slice and macerate debris in challenging solids laden waste in Commercial and Industrial applications.

DEMERSIBLE Chopper pumps are Crane’s
solution to highly demanding waste water
applications that include industrial process,
agricultural, marine and institutional
collection systems. The largest problem
customers face with waste water is clogging
of non-clog pumps and downstream
infrastructure. DEMERSIBLE Chopper pumps
solve clogging with a unique, first-of-itskind,
patent pending chopping technology
that slices even the most troublesome
solids in the waste stream. The DEMERSIBLE
Chopper pump offers best-in-class
chopping technology, field serviceability,
and lower life cycle costs. A real value to
both the contractor and the end user.

1 Large Stainless Steel Lifting Bail
Facilitates easy hooking for pump

2 VFD Ready Motor
With 1.2 service factor, class H
insulation and class H magnet wire

3 Tapered Keyed Shaft
Reduces vibration & increases seal life

4 Stainless Hardware
Increases corrosion resistance

5 Heat Treated Blades
Open Center Design
For superior slicing and sustained

6 Plug-n-Play Quick Connect Cord
Simplifies pump installation & removal

7 Liquid Cooled Motor
Enhances motor cooling & Increases
bearing life

8 High Capacity Bearings
Provides 50,000 hour bearing life at
2 ft/sec flow

9 Slotted Discharge
Adapts to ANSI and ISO flanges