Increased Efficiency and Proven Performance for a Range of Applications

The e-SH 316 stainless steel (SS) end suction pump is a new centrifugal pump featuring a corrosion resistant 316 SS impeller. It is specially designed to handle water, non-aggressive or moderately aggressive liquids in commercial, industrial and a diverse range of OEM applications.

The e-SH pump replaces the model SSH centrifugal pumps  with better efficiency to help you reach your operational goals while maintaining proven performance.  With standard back pull-out design, maintenance can be done without disconnecting the pump body from the piping.

The Goulds e-SH qualifies for the Clean Water Pump Act

Clean water pump means a pump that is designed for use in pumping water with a maximum non-absorbent free solid content of 0.016 pounds per cubic foot, and with a maximum dissolved solid content of 3.1 pounds per cubic foot, provided that the total gas content of the water does not exceed the saturation volume, and disregarding any additives necessary to prevent the water from freezing at a minimum of 14 °F.

Pump Energy Index Calculator for Certain Clean Water Pumps, Compliance Date 01/27/2020

For pumps within the scope of the clean water pump final rule, HI has developed a calculator to determine the Pump Energy Index (PEI) of a single pump tested to the appropriate section of the Uniform Test Procedure.

Pump Energy Index Calculator

DOE Pumps: Diagrams and Definitions

  • The pumps for which Department Of Energy (DOE) is setting energy conservation standards in this rule making are consistent with the scope of applicability of the test procedure final rule.

    Energy Conservation Program: Energy Conservation Standards for Pumps
    Docket Number EERE–2011–BT–STD–0031
    RIN 1904-AC54

    Energy Conservation Program: Test Procedure for Pumps
    Docket No. EERE-2013-BT-TP-0055
    RIN 1905-AD50

    Nomenclature, definitions, and scope has been summarized below.